Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector®

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Why Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector®?

Protect Your Skin from Painful Oven Burns!

  • Have you ever accidentally burned your hand on an oven rack when removing or placing a dish in a scorching hot oven? If you’re like 99 percent of the population, then you probably answered yes. 

  • That’s why we created our premium Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector! They create a safe barrier between the hot metal wire racks and your hands, arms, and wrists.
  • Each silicone oven protector 14-inches long, and your set includes 3 oven rack protectors to turn your sizzling oven into a safer baking zone. An oven spill protector can even help protect your kids from burns.

Take Your Kitchen Safety to the Next Level

  • Did you know you can also use your Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector on the handles of the wire racks of pressure cookers, such as Insta Pot or the Ninja Foodi? You can easily cut your Oven Rack Protectors to fit the size and shape of your oven.

  • Our deluxe Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector has changed the face of safety forever to protect you and you’re loved ones from oven burns! Plus, you’ll love to see your bright and safe oven rack protectors when taking out food from your hot oven!

Quality That’s Built to Last

  • Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector is a truly supreme product built with maximum quality in mind. 
  • Your silicone oven rack protectors can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 446° F, so there is no need to worry about the extreme oven heat affecting them.

Easy to install oven rack guards

  • Your Oven Protectors are also waterproof to stop anything from seeping into them. Plus, they are very easy to wipe clean or wash in your dishwasher!

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Size (approx.): Diameter 0.59 inches; Length 14.06 inches
  • Color: Random
  • Product list: 1 x Heat Resisting Oven Rack Protector

Attach to any oven

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