HearYourHeart – At Home Fetal Doppler Monitor®


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Why HearYourHeart – At Home Fetal Doppler Monitor®?

  • Introducing HearYourHeart – At Home Fetal Doppler Monitor®, a portable medical fetal doppler that lets you hear your little angel’s heart loud and clear, anytime!

  • HearYourHeart – At Home Fetal Doppler Monitor® allows you to listen to your baby’s heart at home simply by putting it on your belly. The signal of your baby’s heart is clear and easy to differentiate from yours.

  • It creates amazing family moments and provides peace of mind when you need it. It’s certified and 100% safe to use. A perfect gift for yourself and your pregnant friends.

The Best And Simple Way To Have Peace Of Mind During Pregnancy

  • The only thing that can calm you is to know that your unborn baby is doing fine! This incredible Fetal Doppler Monitor is going to help you listen to every heartbeat of your special little one and have the peace of mind that everything is ok!

Stop Worrying And Keep Relaxed

  • This unique unborn baby listening device is 100% safe and non-invasive. All you have to do is touch it to your belly and start listening to the funny and adorable sounds that your precious baby makes. Every hiccup, kick, or heartbeat will be clearly audible.

The Greatest Gift A Newly Pregnant Couple

  • Make sure that your newly pregnant friends get this remarkable baby gadget. They will simply adore you for this thoughtful and useful gift. The joy that they will get upon hearing their unborn baby’s first heartbeat will be unparalleled.

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

  • Give a loved one the gift of hearing their baby’s sounds in the womb.

Bond During Pregnancy

  • Beautifully designed, the lightweight device gives expecting parents the amazing experience of hearing their child’s movements from inside the womb and helps to encourage bonding early on in a pregnancy.

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Purple, Green, Pink, Blue
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Package Includes: 1 x HearYourHeart – At Home Fetal Doppler Monitor®

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