Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding®

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Why Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding®?

  • Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding® is a fairly flat brush for dogs and cats with flexible silicone bristles.

Groom Guard

  • It’s been designed to help you de-tangle your pet’s coat, remove any excess hair that’s been shed, and then add shampoo for a bath when necessary.

Groom Guard

  • After you work on your pet’s dry hair and then flip the tool over, you’ll notice that the opposite side contains honeycomb ridges instead of bristles.

Groom Guard

Easy-Grip Handle

  • The handle on each Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding® is about the same length as the handles commonly found on human hairbrushes, and has been designed to feel comfortable to grip.

Groom Guard

  • The easy-grip handle will also be difficult to drop, even if you have to comb through a particularly nasty tangle within a very thick coat.

For Dogs and Cats

  • While some grooming tools are suitable for just dogs or just cats, this one is suitable for cats and dogs alike, regardless of their size, hair type, age or breed.

Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding® – Best Gadget Store
Enhances Hair, Body Health

  • As the bristles of your Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding® burrow deep into your pet’s coat, massaging all the hair, your pet’s body will end up receiving a gentle massage, too.

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Can Use On Furniture, Clothing

  • Fortunately, you’ll be able to use your Groom Guard to remove loose hair from those areas just as effectively as you can to remove it from your pet.

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Product Specifications:

  • Product Material: Polypropylene amd TPR
  • Product Color: Blue
  • Package Include: 1 x Grooming Dog Brush for Shedding®

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