Breast Shell Set – 2 Pieces®

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Why Breast Shell Set – 2 Pieces®?

  • These breast milk shells are highly recommended for moms in the early days of breastfeeding. Your nipples will often be sensitive and are more likely to become engorged as your milk supply establishes.   Breast milk will be locked in the shell-shape collector to ensure that no leaking on mom’s bra or clothing.

  • Recover leaks by avoiding stains on clothing –  SweetSaver is a real relief for mothers in the first days of breastfeeding. Its ultra-flexible silicone is placed in the bra, it will then collect leaks of breast milk while protecting clothes from humidity or stains. It’s nice not to get wet anymore.

  • Collect the milk that leaks from one breast when your baby sucks at the other –  When a baby is at one breast, the other breast starts leaking, so catch your precious breast milk by sucking at the opposite breast instead of using a nursing pad. An essential when breastfeeding.

  • Remove rubbing from clothes on nipples until you get them used to breastfeeding –  Sweet Saver will help to effectively protect sore or chapped nipples, the ventilation holes keep the breasts cool while stimulating the milk flow so that your breasts get used to it. This is a great relief.

  • Protect sore nipples from bra contact –  Rest and limit friction with clothing, they are worn in the bra to protect sore or cracked nipples. The holes allow air to circulate so that they heal faster while relieving cracked nipples. Treat yourself with comfort.

  • Apply gentle pressure to help relieve engorgement:  Suitable for any bra size, do not affect the appearance of the breasts, the gentle pressure they apply will help you avoid engorgement. Even if you go out, you can use them at work.
  • Pour the contents of the shells into the micro-bottle to keep them cool:  After collecting breast milk, you can pour the contents into the micro-bottle or into an insulated bottle to keep them in the fridge to keep them cool and make your small stock.

  • Discreet and easy to wear, just slip them into the bra and that’s it:  They are designed to be worn discreetly inside your maternity bra. Lightweight, portable and small enough to carry in your changing bag or purse daily, discreet use for a satisfied mom.

Product Specifications:

  • Materials: ABS
  • Color: Crystal-Clear

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